AIHacks is a student-run hackathon for high school females with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI). At AIHacks, participants are invited to spend a weekend dedicated toward learning new skills and building innovative projects, while establishing a network of relationships. Our mission is to empower young women to pursue their interests in technology and AI, as well as challenge them to apply their knowledge to make a difference in the world! 


Hackathon Schedule



09:00 AM Opening Ceremony

10:00 AM Hacking Starts!

10:00 AM Team Building Activities

11:00 AM Intro to GitHub

12:00 PM The Open Virtual Assistant Initiative Workshop by Dr. Monica Lam

01:00 PM Lunch

02:00 PM Intro to APIs

04:00 PM Intro to UI/UX Design

05:00 PM Intro to HTML/CSS/JS

06:00 PM Evening Activities



08:00 AM Diversity & Inclusion Talk

09:00 AM The Tax on Being Different

10:00 AM 24 Hours Remaining!

11:00 AM Women in STEAM Panel

12:00 PM Applications of Artificial Intelligence 

02:00 PM College Q&A Session

03:00 PM Intro to iOS Development

04:00 PM Getting a High School Internship Workshop

06:00 PM Evening Activities

10:00 PM Submissions Open



08:00 AM Hacker Hangout

09:00 AM Submissions Due

09:15 AM Judging Starts

12:00 PM Closing Ceremony


Age: high school students

Gender: female or gender non-conforming

Team Size: If you have a team of 2-4, great! If not, don't worry! Many of our participants apply without a team, and you will have the opportunity to form teams at AIHacks II.


Students will work in teams of 2-4 to create either an app or website to solve a real-world problem. They will also create a short 2-minute video explaining their project.


 On Devpost, submit the following:

1) Your code

2) A 50-100 word project description

3) Your Demo Video

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,300 in prizes

First Place

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) + Bugsee Service Credits

Second Place

Redragon Gaming Keyboard

Third Place

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sarina Simon

Sarina Simon
Director of TechTogether Boston

Madeleine Salem

Madeleine Salem

Sabreena Yang

Sabreena Yang
Director of TechTogether Seattle

Ashanti Williams

Ashanti Williams

Heena Purohit

Heena Purohit
Product Manager at IBM Watson IoT

AIHacks HQ

AIHacks HQ

Judging Criteria

  • Completeness
    Is the app or webiste complete? Does it perform its intended purpose?
  • Potential
    Does it have the potential for long-term research and development? Understanding Was the project and all accompanying algorithms thoroughly explained?
  • Practicality
    Does it solve a real-world problem? Can it be implemented in the near future?
  • Creativity
    Do other things like this exist? Is it a new and unexpected approach to solving the problem they mentioned?
  • Inherency
    How pressing is the problem that is being addressed? Is it something that must be resolved as soon as possible?
  • Complexity
    How difficult was the project?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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